Breathing Baskets: Holding Air & Ideas
June 13 - 18, 2021
        Registration is now open!
Snow Farm, The New England Craft Program, Williamsburg, MA

Structure and Skin
July 25 - 30, 2021
Monson Arts, Monson, ME
        (Rescheculed from Monson Arts Summer 2020 Intensive Workshops)

Pat Hickman: Still Here
Installation, Fort Lewis College Art Gallery, Durango, CO 2017
Photo by Mariah Richstone

                  Pat Hickman: Video tours of Fall 2017 Durango, CO exhibits
"Labor is a big part of my work, the excessive, obsessive labor, the slowing down of time, stepping out of the urgent pace of daily life. Out of seemingly nothing, something is created. I invest in what I love doing. In the end the work itself is about the labor and about holding what cannot be captured: light, color, breath, time."
Pat Hickman